Ypharco always considers human resources as the most valuable asset and the key to the success and future development of the Company. Ypharco's workforce has many highly qualified, professional, experienced, skilled, industrious, creative and solid professionals.
Based on the inheritance of traditional remedies combined with modern dosage forms, Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has developed 19 products from traditional and traditional remedies.
At Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, all raw materials before being put into production are sampled and tested according to strict quality standards and procedures by a GLP-compliant testing system.

Yen Bai Pharmaceutical brand is associated with the clean and precious medicinal area in the Northwest region, where there are about 4,000 different species of medicinal plants.


Thanks to favorable geographical, soil and climate characteristics suitable for herbs that are rarely found in other places, the Northwest region offers a rich source of medicinal herbs, many of which are of high economic value. such as: Cross frame, Bach Chi, Que, Bach Bo, Millennium Sue, Mach Mon....


Yen Bai Pharmaceutical has taken advantage of this to proactively select quality materials and create its own competitive advantage for products.